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The Cooperation continues!



Our more cooperation with the famous Moser glassworks, which already lasts more than 20 years,  will continue. Aficionados of exclusive hand blown and hand crafted glass art, architects and interior designers, which search extraordinary and also personalized top-quality products, will be furthermore splendidly serviced by our team.

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Gallery in The Centre of Nuremberg



Dear friends of Prager Kunstsalon, after nearly 25 years, in which we presented to you unusual and premium design, exceptional art and really special jewelry, the chapter of our gallery in Nürnberg closes.

Unfortunately our landlord wasn´t interested in prolonging our rental contract and due tot he lack of suitable rented premises in Nürnberg city center, we decided to not relocate once more.

However this doesn´t mean, that we will not collaborate with our artists and designers anymore. We will continue to work with a majority ouf our producers and will be thereby able to be at your service. You can contact us via                                                                                                                                    



Gallery in Nuremberg for contemporary art and design artists from the Czech Republic.
Paintings, sculptures, objects and interior design. International fashion jewelry and accessories, Italian and French fashion.
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